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Decree No. 667 of 1996 relative to quality of fish and fish products.
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Countries: Norway
Regions: Europe;North-East Atlantic;Northern Europe;North Atlantic;North Sea;EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA
Date of original Text: 14/06/1996
Date of Consolidation: 05/01/2007
Implements: LEX-FAOC018681 Council Directive 92/48/EEC laying down the minimum hygiene rules applicable to fishery products caught on board certain vessels in accordance with Article 3 (1) (a) (i) of Directive 91/493/EEC. 16/06/1992
Implements: LEX-FAOC066883 Act No. 124 of 2003 relative to food production and food safety (Food Act). 26/03/2010
Implements: LEX-FAOC005679 Council Directive 91/492/EEC laying down the health conditions for the production and the placing on the market of fishery products. 22/07/1991
Implements: LEX-FAOC018634 Council Directive 91/493/EEC laying down the health conditions for the production and the placing on the market of fishery products. 22/07/1991
Repealed by: LEX-FAOC125727 Regulation No. 844 on fish and fish products quality. 28/06/2013
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Type of Text: Regulation
Abstract: The comprehensive character of the present Decree of the Department of Fisheries regarding the control of the quality of fish and fish products in various stages is reflected in the titles of its 24 Chapters: General provisions (I); Living fish (II); Equipment, handling, and hygiene on board of fishing and transport vessels (III); Raw materials during and after unloading (IV); Quality criteria for raw materials for various use (V); General requirements for approved activities (VI); Special requirements regarding fresh fish and fish products of fresh fish (VII); Special requirements regarding deep-frozen fish and fish products (VIII); Special requirements regarding farmed fish (IX); Special requirements for crustacean (X) Special requirements regarding shellfish (XI); Special requirements for salted fish, salted fillet and klipfish (XII); Special requirements regarding dried fish (XIII); Special requirements regarding raw materials for oil and meal (XIV); Special requirements regarding canned products (XV); Special requirements for salting (XVI); Special requirements for smoking (XVII); Control of parasites (XVI); Control of histamine (XIX); Packing (XX); Labelling (XXI); Transport (XXII); Microbiological limit values (XXIII); Closing provisions (XXIV).These provisions implement rules of the European Communities included in Annex I of the Agreement establishing a European Economic Area. The application sphere of the Decree is described in section 1. It applies also to products imported into Norway. It does not apply to retail sales of fish and processing by retail traders for direct sales to customers. Section 2 of Chapter I contains an exhaustive list of definitions. Activities covered by the present Decree shall be approved by the State Food Control Agency or the Director of Fisheries of which the respective competencies are outlined in section 4 of Chapter I. Section 10 of Chapter I prescribes general quality criteria for fish and fish products. Section 11 provides for control by operators of their own operations through the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point method (HACCP).
Comment: Consolidated version of Decree No. 667 as amended last by Decree No. 7 of 2007 (Norwegian version).
Main subjects: Food