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Regulation No. 1009 on labelling, transport, international trade of GMO.
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Countries: Norway
Regions: EUROPE;North-East Atlantic;Northern Europe;North Atlantic;North Sea
Date of Text: 02/09/2005
Entry into Force: Immediate entry into force.
Amended by: LEX-FAOC123379 Regulation No. 284 amending various Regulations as a result of the creation of the Environment Directorate. 15/03/2013
Implements: LEX-FAOC013837 Act No. 38 of 1993 on the production and use of genetically modified organisms (Gene Technology Act). 03/03/2011
Related Web Site: www.lovdata.no
Type of Text: Regulation
Abstract: The purpose of this Regulation is to facilitate transport and import of genetically modified organisms in adherence to Norway’s obligations under the Cartagena Protocol on genetically modified organisms, and to ensure consumer choice and prevent possible adverse effects of genetically modified organisms. The Regulation applies to GMO, microorganisms, plants and animals of altered genetic material due to the use of genetic or cellular technology. Risk classes include micro-organisms classified in accordance to Regulation No. 1600 of 21 December 2001 No. 1600. Companies are classified with risk categories 1 through 4.
Main subjects: Environnment gen.
Main subjects: Livestock
Main subjects: Cultivated plants