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Act No. 38 of 1993 on the production and use of genetically modified organisms (Gene Technology Act).
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Countries: Norway
Regions: Europe;North-East Atlantic;Northern Europe;North Atlantic;North Sea;EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA
Date of original Text: 02/04/1993
Date of Consolidation: 03/03/2011
Implemented by: LEX-FAOC016354 Decree No. 1066 of 1998 to regulate the importation and transportation of genetically modified organisms. 22/01/1998
Implemented by: LEX-FAOC123302 Regulation No. 1009 on labelling, transport, international trade of GMO. 02/09/2005
Related Web Site: www.lovdata.no
Type of Text: Legislation
Abstract: This Act regulates practices involving genetically modified organisms (GMO's), i.e. the production and use of GMO's the cloning of animals. It aims at the professionalism and safety of such practices so as to safeguard public health and to avoid damages to the environment.The Act consists of 29 sections, divided into 6 Chapters: General provisions (I); Contained use (II); Deliberate release (III); Implementation of the Act; Enforcement provisions (IV); Biotechnology Board (V); Final provisions (VI).Section 1 defines the scope of the Act, whereas section 2 defines its sphere of application (certain reproduction of plants and animals is excluded). Norwegian citizens who carry out biotechnology abroad shall notify this to Norwegian authorities (sect. 3(a)). Section 4 contains definitions. Chapter II prescribes rules relative to "contained use" i.e. production, cultivation, storage, destruction and use of genetically modified organisms. Chapter III contains rules for all other use or handling of genetically modified organisms, such as use for research purposes, importation, exportation, discharge of waste, etc. Chapter V provides for the establishment of a Biotechnology Board by the King.
Comment: The Norwegian text is a consolidated version of Act No. 38 of 1993 as at 3 March 2011 and amended last by Act No. 16 of 2006.
Main subjects: Livestock
Main subjects: Cultivated plants