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Executive Order No. 80 relative to feeding stuff.
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Countries: Denmark
Regions: EUROPE;European Union Countries;North-East Atlantic;Northern Europe;North Sea;EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA
Date of Text: 02/02/2000
Amended by: LEX-FAOC102109 Order No. 376 amending the Act on feedstuff. 28/05/2003
Amended by: LEX-FAOC102807 Act relevant to Annual Accounts (No. 341 of 2011). 27/04/2011
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Type of Text: Regulation
Abstract: The Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries may make rules relative to the production of all feeding stuffs for animals, except fish meal and oil, and the storage, sale, purchase, and use of all products that are used for the feeding of animals. Section 1 specifies various matters that may be regulated by the Minister, such as registration and approval of production and sale, use of organic (of plant or animal origin) and inorganic, substances in the production of feeding stuffs, labelling and packing, and analysis of feeding stuffs. Feeding stuffs that do not meet requirements laid down by regulations may not be used to feed animals (sect. 5). Remaining provisions deal with extraordinary powers of the Minister in periods of crisis (sect. 2A), control, (sect. 3), financial arrangements and offences.
Comment: Order notified by LBK No. 80 of 2000. The Order has been amended by Act No. 376 of 2003 (not included in the text).
Main subjects: Livestock