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Act relevant to Annual Accounts (No. 341 of 2011).
Mandatory digital communication between enterprises and government, tax exemption for Renewal Fund guarantee scheme.
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Countries: Denmark
Regions: EUROPE;European Union Countries;North-East Atlantic;Northern Europe;North Sea
Date of Text: 27/04/2011
Entry into Force: 01 May 2011.
Amends: LEX-FAOC102038 Ecology Act (No. 196 of 2009). 12/03/2009
Amends: LEX-FAOC026176 Executive Order No. 80 relative to feeding stuff. 02/02/2000
Amends: LEX-FAOC099288 Act on agricultural use of fertilizers and plant cover (No. 18 of 2010). 08/01/2010
Amended by: LEX-FAOC102799 Act on soil fertilizers (No. 417 of 2011). 03/05/2011
Amended by: LEX-FAOC102796 Act on agricultural use of fertilizers and plant cover (No. 415 of 2011). 03/05/2011
Amended by: LEX-FAOC102797 Ecology Act (No. 416 of 2011). 03/05/2011
Amended by: LEX-FAOC124658 Forest Act (No. 678 of 2013). 14/06/2013
Amended by: LEX-FAOC125520 Animal Keeping Act (No. 873 of 2013). 29/06/2013
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Type of Text: Legislation
Abstract: This Law partly amends articles related to (Historic) Annual Accounts Act No. 395 of 25 May 2009 and other laws.
Comment: This Law does not apply to Greenland nor the Faroe Islands. It can however be partly or entirelly applicable to Greenland by Royal Decree.
Main subjects: Agriculture