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Presidential Decree No.113/2001 of 2001 regarding the arrangements for quality improvement of national commodities.
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Countries: Ukraine
Regions: EUROPE;Eastern Europe;CIS (Com. of Indep. States);Black Sea
Date of Text: 23/02/2001
Entry into Force: Entry into force from the date of issue.
Type of Text: Legislation
Abstract: President, for the purpose of improvement of quality and competitiveness of national products (commodities, work, service), ensuring protection of the interests of the consumers, favouring entry of Ukraine into European and world economic space, decrees to entitle Cabinet of Ministers with the following tasks: a). revision and validation of the fundamental standards of the national system of standardization taking into consideration the provisions of the international and the European system of standardization and certification; b). contribution to state support of the introduction of the systems of quality management at the enterprises in accordance with the standards of International Standardization Organization (ISO), series 9000, regulating quality standards, and series 14000, regulating environmental management; c). ensuring information of the enterprises as regards quality management. State Committee on standardization, metrology and certification is entitled with the task of assistance to coordination in different branches of industry and functional regulation in the sphere of quality management.
Main subjects: Food