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Law No. 2408-III on standardization.
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Countries: Ukraine
Regions: EUROPE;Eastern Europe;CIS (Com. of Indep. States);Black Sea
Date of Text: 17/05/2001
Entry into Force: The Law enters into force from the date of its official publication.
Type of Text: Legislation
Abstract: This Law establishes legal and organizational grounds of standardization in Ukraine. The force of this Law does not extend to nuclear materials, pharmaceutical products, standards of medical servicing, accounting, education, as well as other social standards, the scope of which is established by relevant laws. The purpose of standardization in the Ukraine is to ensure of human life and health, protection of animals, plants and environment (art. 5). Technical requirements and other normative legal acts establish compulsory conditions for the protection of human life and health, protection of animals, plants and environment, safety of produce, processes and service (art. 13). Under the Law standards in Ukraine are applied on voluntary basis. Application of standards becomes obligatory in case: 1) it is envisaged by technical regulations or other normative and legislative acts; 2) agreement (contract) on design, manufacturing or supply of products contains references to certain standards; 3)producer or supplier of products filled in the declaration on products conformity to certain standards, or applied designations of these standards while marking the products; 4) products of producer or supplier is certified for conformity to standards. The standards are divided into: 1) national standards, codes of practice and classifiers, adopted or approved by the central body of executive power in the field of standardization; 2) standards, codes of practice and technical regulations, adopted or approved by other subjects, involved in standardization. The Law also establishes the ownership right to standards and procedure of information supply in the field of standardization in Ukraine (Chapter 4), contains provisions on international cooperation in the field of standardization (Chapter 5). The Law of 7 Sections that contain 19 articles.
Main subjects: Livestock
Main subjects: Cultivated plants