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Fisheries Act.
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Countries: Korea, Republic of
Regions: Asia;North Pacific;North-West Pacific;East Asian Seas;Eastern Asia;ASIA AND THE PACIFIC
Date of original Text: 01/08/1990
Date of Consolidation: 31/03/2005
Related Web Site: www.klri.re.kr
Type of Text: Legislation
Abstract: The purpose of this Act is to enhance and protect the fishery resources by providing for the basic institution relating to the fisheries, and to strive for the development of fisheries and the democratisation of the fishing industry by increasing productivity in fisheries through utilising and managing the waters comprehensively.This Act consists of 100 articles divided into 10 Chapters: General provisions (I); Licensed fisheries (II); Permitted and reported fisheries (III); Catch transport industry (IV); Coordination of fisheries (V); Protection and control of resources (VI); compensation, subsidy and ruling (VII); Fisheries coordination committee (VIII); Supplementary provisions (IX); Penal provisions (X).This Act shall apply to the sea, beaches or seawaters on land and inland water created artificially for the purpose of the fishery. Fishing ground utilisation and development plan shall be drawn up in accordance with article 4. Any Person who desires to operate the fishing industry falling under specified categories, including aquaculture, shall obtain the license of a head of Shi/Kun/autonomous Ku (art. 8). Article 9 provides for license for village fisheries. Article 9 defines the order of priority in licenses for fishery. If it is necessary for the following purpose, any fisherman may use another person's land, works or other land fixtures, or restrict removal of bamboo, trees, soil or stone, with the permission of the head of Shi/Kun/autonomous Ku: Establishment of fishing ground marks; equipment necessary for making any signal for the fishery; and conservation or establishment of targets necessary for the fishery (art. 64 of Chapter VI). The Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries may, upon a request of the Mayor/Do governor, designate as reserved waters the waters as deemed suitable for spawning marine animals, originating seeds and saplings of marine plants, or growing fries (art. 67 of Chapter VII). Article 65 deals with access to and for fishery purposes. In order to deliberate matters on the co-ordination, compensation, arbitration, etc. concerning the fisheries, the central fisheries coordination committee shall be established in the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, and the City/Do or Shi/Kun/autonomous Ku fisheries coordination committee, in each City/Do or Shi/Kun/autonomous Ku (art. 89).
Comment: Consolidation version of Act No. 4252 of 1 August 1990 as amended last by Act No. 7477 of 31 March 2005.
Main subjects: Fisheries