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Convention on the Conservation and Management of Pollock Resources in the Central Bering Sea.
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Countries: Japan; Korea, Republic of; Poland; Russian Federation; United States of America; China
Date of Text: 16/06/1994
Entry into Force: For each of the signatory States on the 30th day following the date of the deposit of that State's instrument of ratification.
Source: 34 I.L.M. 67 (1994).
Type of Text: Agreement
Abstract: The Convention applies to the high seas of the Bering Sea beyond the exclusive economic zones of the Member States, except as otherwhise provided in this Convention (art. I). In order to establish an international regime for the conservation, management and optimum utilization of pollock resources in the Convention Area, the Parties agree to convene an annual conference of the Parties and to set up a Scientific and Technical Committee. Articles IV to VIII make provision for the functions and procedures of the Annual Conference, Article IX provides for functions and procedures of the Committee. Article XI provides for control and management and enforcement measurements with respect to fishing by vessels flying the flag of a member states. The parties shall establish a Central Bering Sea Observer Program.(Annex: determination of Allowable Harvest Level (AHL) (Part I); Management system for the pollock fishery in the Convention Area (Part II)).
Comment: The Convention is deposited with the Government of the USA.
Main subjects: Fisheries