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Fisheries: Data Exchange - Agreement Between the United States of America and the Republic of Korea.
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Countries: United States of America; Korea, Republic of
Date of Text: 14/07/1988
Source: Treaties and Other International Acts Series 11596, pp. 1-3.
Type of Text: Agreement
Abstract: The United States Government propose that the Government of the Republic of Korea provide to the Government of the United States available statistics on harvest and incidental catch of target species, anadromous species, marine mammals, seabirds, and other living marine resources, and fishing effort in the Bering Sea beyond the national fisheries jurisdiction of any nation. Such statistics shall be delineated by biweekly periods and by one degree longitude and by one half degree latitude statistical blocks and provided by the end of May for the fishing season beginning in January and ending in December of the previous year. In addition, preliminary catch statistics by month and aggregate period begining in January and ending in June of the same year.
Comment: The Agreement is effected by the exchange of Notes Dated at Washington 25 April and 14 July 1988.
Main subjects: Fisheries