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Framework Agreement between the Government of the Hellenic Republic and the Government of the Republic of Chile on economic, scientific and technical cooperation.
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Countries: Grèce; Chili
Date of Text: 15/09/1994
Entry into Force: This Agreement shall enter into force thirty (30) days after the date of the last written notification, by a Contracting Party, to the other Contracting Party, that the internal constitutional procedures, necessary to this end, have been completed; the same shall apply for any amendment of this Agreement concluded between the two Parties. This Agreement shall remain in force for a period of ten years and shall be tacitly renewed thereafter for periods of one year, unless written notice of termination has been given by either Contracting Party at least six months before the date of expire of its current period of validity. Notwithstanding the expiration of this Agreement, its provisions shall continue to apply with respect to projects and contracts already in course and up to their completion, unless otherwise agreed upon by the Contracting Parties.
Source: Efimeris tis Kyverniseos No. 147, Part I, 4 July 1996, pp. 2751-2754.
Type of Text: Accord
Abstract: With this Agreement, the Government of the Republic of Chile and the Government of the Hellenic Republic have agreed to make any effort to develop and strengthen economic, scientific and technological cooperation. The fields of agriculture (including agro-industry and aquaculture), and forestry were identified among the areas of possible cooperation. Such cooperation may take the form of among other: Elaboration of common and coordinated research and/or development programmes; provision of equipment and material necessary for the implementation of specific projects; elaboration of training programmes; grant of scholarships for specialisation; establishment and operation of research institutes, laboratories and advanced training centres; organization of seminars and conferences; provision of consultancy services; exchange of scientific and technical information; development of joint cooperation activities in third countries; any other form of cooperation to be agreed upon between the two Parties. With the aim of ensuring the implementation of this Agreement and its normal development, a Joint Committee is hereby established. The Joint Committee shall be composed by representatives of the two Parties and shall meet, at the request of either Party, at a place and time to be mutually agreed upon, through diplomatic channels. This Committee shall review the progress made towards achieving the objectives of this Agreement and, if necessary, formulate recommendations for its implementation.
Comment: On behalf of the Greek Government, the Agreement is ratified by Act. No. 2423 (this Act shall enter into force as from the date of its publication on the Official Gazette, 4 July 1996). The Agreement was done in Santiago, Chile, on the 15 of September 1994 in the Greek, Spanish, and English languages, all texts being equally authentic.
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