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International Agreement between the Government of the USSR and the Government of the Republic of Korea on fisheries co-operation (1991).
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Countries: USSR; Korea, Republic of
Date of Text: 16/09/1991
Entry into Force: Entry into force from the last notification confirming carrying out all the necessary internal proceedings for its entry into force.
Type of Text: Agreement
Abstract: The Parties will cooperate and will undertake the necessary arrangements for the purpose of establishing mutually beneficial and equal in rights relations in the sphere of fisheries. The Parties will carry out mutually beneficial cooperation in the sphere of fisheries along the following directions: 1. carrying out fishing research regarding issues of mutual interest; 2. conservation and optimum use of live marine biodiversity of the North-Western part of the Pacific Ocean; 3. rendering mutual services in fishing areas as regards supply of fishing vessels and transportation of fish products; 4. mutual assistance in maintenance and construction of fishing vessels; 5. development of aquaculture and mariculture; 6. assistance to enterprises and companies of both states as regards setting up joint-ventures; 7. elaboration and creation of fishing gear and fishing methods; 8. prevention of marine pollution; 9. exchange of scientific information and ensuring access to such information for the fishermen of both states.
Comment: The validity of the document is 5 years. The present International Agreement is subject to automatic prolongation for subsequent yearly periods if neither of the Parties informs the other one in the written form 6 months prior to the expiration of the respective period of its intention to repeal it. Reference number of the document is lacking.
Main subjects: Fisheries