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Inland Water Fisheries Development Promotion Act.
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Countries: Korea, Republic of
Regions: Asia;North Pacific;North-West Pacific;East Asian Seas;Eastern Asia;ASIA AND THE PACIFIC
Date of original Text: 31/12/1975
Date of Consolidation: 08/08/1996
Type of Text: Legislation
Abstract: The purpose of this Act is to promote the comprehensive development of inland water fisheries and to enhance the protection and cultivation of marine resources, and, thereby, to contribute to increasing the income of farmers and fishermen.The Act provides for basic matters concerning the development of inland water fisheries. Article 3 concerns rights of owners or occupiers of waters connected to public waters to restrict or prohibit uses relating to inland fisheries. “Inland water" is defined in article 3. This Act shall apply in principal only to public waters but shall also apply to any inland water that forms one body of water through connection with a public water surface. The Inland Water Development Council shall be established in the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries pursuant to article 4. The Council shall advise the Minister on policies regarding the development of inland waters. If necessary for the proper implementation of policies as referred to in article 2, the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries shall designate and publicly announce inland water development areas (art. 5). The owner or manager (“water manager”) of the water shall be charged with development as prescribed by Presidential Decree. The Minister may charge someone else with development in specified circumstances in accordance with article 6. Any person who intends to run a fishery business falling under one of the categories listed in article 7 shall be licensed by the Do governor. Categories include aquaculture, fixed gear fishing, joint fishery and collection of algae. For other categories of fishing listed in article 8 a permission is required from the Do governor. Persons who are granted a license shall contemporaneously acquire the fishing right in accordance with article 11. The Government may grant subsidies in accordance with section 12. Other provisions concern the relationship with other Acts, delegation of authority, and prescribe penalties.
Comment: Consolidated version of Act No. 2835 of 31 Dec. 1975 as amended last by Act No. 5153 of 1996.Matters other than those especially prescribed in this Act shall be governed under the conditions as prescribed by the Fisheries Act.
Main subjects: Fisheries