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Marine parks and marine reserves Regulation, Chapter 476A.
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Countries: China
Regions: Asia;North Pacific;North-West Pacific;East Asian Seas;Eastern Asia;ASIA AND THE PACIFIC
Territorial Subdivision: Hong Kong
Date of Text: 15/07/1996
Implements: LEX-FAOC081488 Marine Parks Ordinance (Chapter 476). 01/07/2007
Type of Text: Regulation
Abstract: This Regulation provides for measures to protect marine parks and marine reserves, and marine and coastal species which are specified in Schedule 2. Within marine parks and marine reserves it is prohibited to: fish, hunt, collect animals or plants unless in possession of a special permit or in a special zone as specified in Schedule 1; possess any fishing or hunting device specified in Schedule 3; water ski, boat, etc.; establish fish culture; damage beaches, mudflats, etc.; moor or anchor in the reserve; hold sporting competitions, etc. (secs. 3-15). The Authority may prohibit or restrict the entry into, or movement within a marine park or marine reserve of any person, vehicle or vessel. An application for a permit under this Regulation shall be made in writing to the Authority and shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee prescribed in Schedule 4. The remaining part of the Regulation contains penal provisions and provisions of miscellaneous nature.
Main subjects: Environnment gen.
Main subjects: Fisheries
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