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Interim Measures for the Administration of Aquatic Germplasm Resources Conservation Zones.
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Countries: China
Regions: Asia;North Pacific;North-West Pacific;East Asian Seas;Eastern Asia;ASIA AND THE PACIFIC
Date of Text: 05/01/2011
Entry into Force: These Measures enter into force on 1 March 2011.
Related Web Site: www.lawinfochina.com
Type of Text: Regulation
Abstract: These Measures regulate the establishment and management of aquatic germplasm resources conservation zones and strengthen the protection of aquatic germplasm resources.The Ministry of Agriculture shall organize the fishery administrative departments of the provincial people's governments to make the national overall planning for, and strengthen the construction of, aquatic germplasm resources conservation zones.The Measures set out requirements and procedures for establishing aquatic germplams resources conservation zones and provide for their administration.The Measures further provide for the preparation of environmental impact assessments on construction projects involving aquatic germplasm resources conservation zones and for activities restricted in the conservation zones.
Main subjects: Fisheries