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Framework Act on Agriculture, Fisheries, Farming and Fishing Villages and Food Industry.
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Countries: Korea, Republic of
Regions: Asia;North Pacific;North-West Pacific;East Asian Seas;Eastern Asia;ASIA AND THE PACIFIC
Date of original Text: 27/05/2009
Date of Consolidation: 09/03/2011
Implemented by: LEX-FAOC166984 Act on the Promotion of and Support for Return to Agricultural and Fishing Villages and Rural Communities. 21/03/2017
Related Web Site: www.klri.re.kr
Type of Text: Legislation
Abstract: This Act aims to pursue the sustainable development of agriculture, fisheries and farming and fishing villages, to stably supply safe agricultural and fishery products and quality food to the people, to enhance the level of income and quality of life of farmers and fishermen, and to preserve the environment of the national territory.The Act provides for the formulation and implementation by State and local governments of plans for the development of agriculture, fisheries, farming and fishing villages and the food industry. State and local governments shall also formulate and implement necessary policies, such as agricultural and fishery traceability system, certification of good agricultural and fishing practice, and priority control of hazardous elements in livestock, agricultural and fishery products, so that food can be produced in a safe and sound manner.The Act further provides for: fostering of farming and fishing human resources; use and preservation of farmland, fishery resources and fishing grounds; advancement of agricultural and fishery production infrastructure; promotion of public functions of agriculture, fisheries and farming and fishing villages; etc.
Comment: This Act repeals the Act on Special Measures for the Development of Agricultural and Fishing Villages.
Main subjects: Agriculture
Main subjects: Fisheries
Main subjects: Food