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Act on Formation and Operation of Agricultural, Fisheries and Food Investment Funds.
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Countries: Korea, Republic of
Regions: Asia;North Pacific;North-West Pacific;East Asian Seas;Eastern Asia;ASIA AND THE PACIFIC
Date of original Text: 25/01/2010
Date of Consolidation: 13/08/2013
Related Web Site: www.klri.re.kr
Type of Text: Legislation
Abstract: This Act aims to contribute to the balanced development of the national economy by promoting investments in the agricultural, fisheries and food industry and laying the foundation for sound growth of agricultural, fisheries and food enterprises.The Act provides for the establishment of organizations specialized in investment management to promote investments for the operation of the fund of funds for agriculture, fisheries and food investments. Requirements and duties of these organizations are set out in the text.The Act further provides for the formation and registration of agriculture and food associations, for penalties and for provisions of miscellaneous nature.
Comment: Consolidated version of Act No. 9953 of 25 January 2010, as amended last by Act No. 12058 of 13 August 2013.
Main subjects: Agriculture
Main subjects: Fisheries
Main subjects: Food