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Acipenser dabryanus:   (click for more)

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FAO Names
En - Yangtze sturgeon, Fr - , Sp - .
3Alpha Code: AAD     Taxonomic Code: 1170100114
Scientific Name with Original Description
Acipenser dabryanus  Duméril, A.H.A., 1869Note sur trois poissons de la collection du Muséum, un esturgeon, un polydonte, et un malarmat, accompgnée de quelques considérations générales sur les groupes auxquels ces espèces appartiennent. Nouv. Arch. Mus. Hist. Nat. Paris. v. 4: 93-116, Pls. 22-23:98, Pl.22 (figs.1,1a-b), Yangtze River.
Diagnostic Features
Spiracle present. Snout and caudal peduncle subconical. Gill membranes joined to isthmus. Mouth transverse.  32-55 gill rakers.  D:44-57, A:25-36 rays.  8-13 dorsal scutes; 26-39 lateral scutes; 9-13 ventral scutes. The body of young Dabry's sturgeon is very rough because of many bony plates on the skin (Zhuang et al., 1997).  The body colour above the lateral row of scutes, is dark gray, brown gray, or yellow gray; the rest of the body is milky white. In young individuals, the lateral row of scutes is a distinct demarcation line. 
Geographical Distribution

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Restricted to the Yangtze River system. At present, the Dabry's sturgeon is mainly distributed in the upper main stream of this river, as it passes throught the Sichuang province, and also in its major tributaries.
Habitat and Biology
Prefers sublitoral areas, 10-20 m from the riverbank, with water depths of 8-10 m.Sandy silt ground, and abundance of detritus and benthic organisms.Young individuals often stay in sandy shallows, frequently in stretches between Luzhou and Jiangjing.Dabry's sturgeon is a potamodromous species.More active at nigth than during the day. Young fish feed almost on zooplancton and oligochaetes. Older individuals eat mainly oligochaetes and small fishes, such as gobiids, as well as chironomids, odonates and aquatic plants.
Males start to mature at 4 years, and all are mature by 7 years of age. Females do not mature until at 6 years of age and all are mature by 8 years. It swim upstream for spawning during spring floods. Spawning occurs mainly in the spring, probably above Yibin. The eggs are sticky and firmly adhere to stones (Zhuang et al. 1997) 
More than 130 cm , and a weight of more than 16 Kg.
Interest to Fisheries
The native population sharply declined in the last two decades, but this species is easily propagated and has excellent commercial aquaculture potential (Wei et al., 1997).
Local Names
UNITED KINGDOM : Yangtze sturgeon ,  Dabry's sturgeon .
USA : Yangtze sturgeon .
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