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Acipenser naccarii:   (click for more)

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  • Acipenser huso  Linnaeus, 1758:238.
  • Acipenser naccari  Bonaparte, 1836, pl. 129 f.2 (North Adriatic).
  • Acipenser heckelli  Fitzinger and Heckel, 1836:303.
  • Acipenser nardoi  Heckel, 1851: 551-557.
  • Acipenser nasus  Heckel, 1851: 551-557.
    FAO Names
    En - Adriatic sturgeon, Fr - Esturgeon de l'Adriatique, Sp - Esturión del Adriático.
    3Alpha Code: AAA     Taxonomic Code: 1170100103
    Scientific Name with Original Description
    Accipenser naccarii  Bonaparte C. L., 1836. Iconografia della fauna italica per le quattro classi degli animali vertebrati. Tomo III. Pesci. Iconografia, v. 3. Fasc. 15-18, puntate 80-93, pl. 129 f.2- North Adriatic. Roma.
    Diagnostic Features
    Head length, 20.8-22.2 % of TL. Snout rather short, less than 60 % of head length, wide and more or less rounded at tip. Its upper profile usually slightly concave.  Spiracle present. Snout and caudal peduncle subconical. Gill membranes joined to isthmus. Mouth transverse and lower lip with a split in the middle. Barbels not fringed and inserted closer to the end of the snout than to the mouth. Outer barbels slightly longer, sometimes nearly reaching the upper lip.  30-35 gill rakers terminated by a single tip.  Dorsal fin rays: 36-48; Anal fin rays: 24-31.  10-14 dorsal scutes (their medial spine blunts with age). Lateral scutes 32-42. Ventral scutes 8-11.  Colouration variable: back greyish-brown, olive-brown or almost black. Flanks lighter, belly paler or whitish. Lateral scutes a little paler than the background (Tortonese, 1989). 
    Geographical Distribution

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    Adriatic Sea, Po and Adige Rivers (Birstein et al., 1997). See remarks.
    Habitat and Biology
    Virtually nothing is known about the biological features of this species. The Adriatic sturgeon is a diadromus species, spawning in fresh water after a marine period of growth during which it remains near the shore, at the mouths of rivers, between 10 to 40 m. The upstream migration into Italian rivers occurs during the first months of the year.Over sandy or muddy bottoms.Benthic invertebrates and fishes.
    The eggs are usually laid in still waters along the borders of rivers, but they are said to be occasionally deposited in brakish water not far from the sea. It remains in freshwater until October. 
    To 200 cm TL, but usually much smaller: to 150 cm TL and 20-25 Kg (Bini, 1970).
    Interest to Fisheries
    This fish has little commercial value. Only the flesh is used.
    Local Names
    ALBANIA : Blini i bardhe .
    FRANCE : Esturgeon de l'Adriatique .
    ITALY : Storione cobice .
    POLAND : Jesiotr adriatycki .
    PORTUGAL : Esturjao-adriátici .
    RUSSIAN FED. : Adriaticheskyi osetr .
    SLOVENIA : Jadranska jesetra .
    SPAIN : Esturión del Adriático .
    UNITED KINGDOM : Adriatic sturgeon .
    USA : Adriatic sturgeon .
    According to Tortonese (1989), A. naccarii may be only a subespecies of A. gueldenstaedtii: the ranges of its meristic characters coincide and, according to Vlasenko et al. (1989), the karyotype pattern seems to be similar in both. Hernando et al. (1999), consider that, in the past, the distribution of A. naccariiincluded the Iberian Peninsula, but Rincón (2000) concludes that there is no morphological evidence to support the claimed autocthonous status of A. naccariiin the Iberian Peninsula.
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