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Cirrhoscyllium expolitum:   (click for more)

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Other Combinations:  None.
FAO Names
En - Barbelthroat carpetshark, Fr - Requin carpette à moustache, Sp - Alfombrera barbuda.
3Alpha Code: OPC     Taxonomic Code: 1070700101
Scientific Name with Original Description
Cirrhoscyllium expolitum  Smith and Radcliffe in Smith, 1913, Proc. U.S. Natl. Mus., 45(1997): 568, figs 1-2, pl. 45. Holotype: US National Museum of Natural History, USNM-74603, 335 mm adult female, 21° 33' N, 116° 13' E, South China Sea between northern Luzon, Philippines, and China, 183 m. Status and correction in longitude from Howe and Springer (1993, Smiths. Contr. Zool., [540]: 7); also by author's examination of the holotype.
Diagnostic Features
fieldmarks: Barbels on throat, nasoral grooves, mouth in front of eyes, six or possibly ten diffuse saddle marks on dorsal surface, saddles above abdomen rounded and continuing above pelvic-fin bases, not C-shaped, head length three times first dorsal-fin base.

Head length 3.0 times first dorsal-fin base. Anal-caudal space 7.7% of total length, 43% of head length. Second dorsal-fin base equal to or longer than anal-caudal space.  Precaudal vertebral count 108, total count 154.  Six to possibly ten indistinct pairs of saddle markings on sides of back and tail; an elongated rounded saddle on each side of back between bases of pectoral and pelvic fins and extending over pelvic-fin bases. 
Geographical Distribution

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Western North Pacific: South China Sea off the coast of China between China and Luzon, Philippines, and in the Gulf of Tonkin off Viet Nam. Nominal from Okinawa (Uchida, 1982) but record uncertain, possibly Cirrhoscyllium japonicum?
Habitat and Biology
Outer continental shelf, South China Sea on bottom at 183 to 190 m depth.

A little-known and presumably rare or uncommon tropical bottom shark.
Probably oviparous, judging from large nidamental glands.  Food habits unknown.
The adult female holotype is 335 mm long while a Vietnamese female (maturity stage unknown) is 306 cm long (Kharin, 1987).
Interest to Fisheries
Interest to fisheries unknown, probably taken as discarded bycatch of offshore trawl fisheries in the area.

Conservation Status : Conservation status unknown.
Local Names
Japan : Higezame .
Source of Information
Sharks of the world An annotated and illustrated catalogue of shark species known to date. Volume 2 Bullhead, mackerel and carpet sharks (Heterodontiformes, Lamniformes and Orectolobiformes). Leonard J.V. Compagno 2001.  FAO Species Catalogue for Fishery Purposes. No. 1, Vol. 2. Rome, FAO. 2001. p.269.
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