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  • ?Cestracion philippi var. japonicus  Dumeril, 1865: 426 (In part? See note above under Heterodontus japonicus).
    FAO Names
    En - Japanese bullhead shark, Fr - Requin dormeur nekozame, Sp - Dormilón japonés.
    3Alpha Code: HEJ     Taxonomic Code: 1040100103
    Scientific Name with Original Description
    Cestracion japonicus  Maclay and Macleay, 1884, Proc. Linnean Soc. New South Wales, 1884, 8(4): 428, pl. 20. Holotype: Australian Museum, Sydney, AMS B.68, female from Tokyo, Japan.

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    Local Names
    Japan : Bull head ,  Japanese bull-head shark ,  Japanese horn shark ,  Cestracion shark ,  Sazaewari ,  Sazaiwari ,  Nekozame .
    South Africa : Japanse bulkophaai .
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