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Pseudoscaphirhynchus hermanni:   (click for more)

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  • Scaphirhynchus hermanni  Kessler, 1877
  • Pseudoscaphirhynchus rossikowi  Nikolskii, 1900:258.
  • Pseudoscaphirhynchus hermanni  Berg, 1948:105.
    FAO Names
    En - Dwarf sturgeon, Fr - , Sp - .
    3Alpha Code: PSN     Taxonomic Code: 1170100601
    Scientific Name with Original Description
    Scaphirhynchus hermanni  Kessler, 1877:190, Pl.8 (fig.25, 25a-b). The Aralo-Caspian Expedition. IV. Fishes of the Aralo-Caspio-Pontine ichthyological region. Aralo-Caspian Exped. i-xxvii + 1-360. St. Petersburg. Amu Darya R., Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan.
    Diagnostic Features
    Snout depressed, flat, shovel-shaped, longer than in Pseudoscaphirhynchus kaufmanni, and grows longer with age. Caudal peduncle slighly depressed, short, and not completely armored. Rostrum, more rounded than in P. kaufmanni.  Spiracle absent. Mouth small, transverse, and lower lip discontinuous, interrupted medially. Branchiostegal connection narrow. The eyes are extremely small. Barbels not fringed and unevently placed. Two outer barbels are 2-3 times longer than the inner ones. Without a long caudal filament.  D:27-35; A:15-21 rays.  9-13 (common: 10-11) dorsal scutes; 31-39 (35) lateral scutes; 6-9 (7) ventral scutes. There are 3-4 flat scutes between anal and ventral fins and 1-3 scutes posterior to anal fin. Scutes are not armored with spines, or the spines are very short. Each dorsal and lateral scute covers almost half of the following one. There are granules between the rows of scutes.  Rostrum without spines at their tip. Parietal spines absent.  Colour: dorsum deep brown, ventrum white (Mayden & Kuhajda, 1996; Birstein, 1997). 
    Geographical Distribution
    Endemic to the Amu Darya River (middle and lower reaches). Historically rare: in April 1996 three specimens were caught for the first time in the last 15 years (Birstein, 1997).
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    Habitat and Biology
    Practically unknown.
    Maximum size: 27 cm.
    Interest to Fisheries
    Local Names
    POLAND : Nibylopstons amu-daryjski .
    UZBEKISTAN : Little Amu-Darya sholvelnose sturgeon .
    UNITED KINGDOM : Small Amu Dar Sholvelnose sturgeon .
    USA : Dwarf sturgeon ,  Little sholvelnose sturgeon .
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