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Barbodes gonionotus:   (click for more)

Barbodes gonionotus:   (click for more)

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  • Barbus gonionotus  Bleeker, 1850: 15 (original description).
  • Puntius javanicus  Bleeker, 1855: 403 (new combination).
  • Puntius (Barbodes) jolamarki  Smith, 1934: 310.
  • Puntius viehoeveri  Fowler, 1943: 26.
  • Barbus koilometopon  , and Puntius gonionotus (of authors).
    FAO Names
    En - Silver barb, Fr - Barbeau argenté, Sp - Barbo plateado.
    3Alpha Code: PTG     Taxonomic Code: 1400233501
    Diagnostic Features
    Without tubercles on snout. Skin of lower lip separated from lower jaw by a shallow groove.  One dorsal fin; serrated dorsal fin spine. Eight branched pelvic finrays. Anal fin base long, 90% of head length. 
    Geographical Distribution

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    Southeast Asia: Lower Xe Bangfai; Mekong basin in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia; Chao Phraya basin; Malay Peninsula; Sumatra and Java.
    Habitat and Biology
    Found at midwater to bottom depthsin rivers, streams, floodplains, and occasionally in reservoirs. Seems to prefer standing water habitats instead of flowing waters. Not commonly taken in the dai nets of the Tonlé Sap, but much more likely to be caught in the large traps of the Great Lake.Feeds on both plant and animal matter, and inhabits the flooded forest during periods of high water.
    To 40.5 cm.
    Interest to Fisheries
    Aquaculture, aquarium, fisheries.Taken with seines, gillnets, set nets, and traps.
    Usually marketed fresh. Occasionally seen in the aquarium trade, but its non descript coloration and lethargic habits have limited its popularity. Used for "lap pa" (in the preparation of which the numerous small bones are ground fine) or grilled or used to make "som pa". Herbivore believe to play useful role in cropping excessive vegetation in dam reservoirs. No catch reported for this species to FAO for 1999.
    Local Names
    Bengali : Rajputi ,  Thai sharputi .
    English : Java barb ,  Javanese barp ,  Javanese carp ,  Puntius ,  Puntius carp ,  Silver barb ,  Thai silver barb ,  Thai silver carp ,  Tawes .
    French : Barbeau argenté de Thaïlande ,  Barbeau de Java .
    Khmer : Trey chhpin ,  Trey chhpin brak .
    Laotian : Pa pak .
    Malay/Indonesian : Lalawak ,  Lampam jawa ,  Lawak ,  Tawes .
    Portuguese : Barbo-cumba .
    Spanish : Barbo de Java ,  Barbo plateado de Java .
    Tagalog : Tawes .
    Thai : Pla tapien khao .
    Vietnamese : Cá trà vinh .
    Catalog On Line. Fishbase: ICLARM .
    Rainboth, W.J. - 1996 FAO species identification field guide for fishery purposes. Fishes of the Cambodian Mekong. Rome, FAO. 1996: 265 pp.
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