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  • Gadus ovak  Reinhardt, 1838
  • Gadus ogat  Kröyer, 1847
  • Gadus callarius maris-albi  Derjugin, 1920
  • Gadus morhua maris-albi  Berg, 1933
  • Gadus morhua ogac  Svetovidov, 1948
    FAO Names
    En - Greenland cod, Fr - Morue ogac, Sp - Bacalao de Groenlandia.
    3Alpha Code: GRC     Taxonomic Code: 1480400212
    Scientific Name with Original Description
    Gadus ogac  Richardson, 1836. Fauna Boreal. Americana, 3:246.
    Diagnostic Features
    Head relatively broad, interorbital space 18-25% of head length; Predorsal distance less than about 33% of length.  Colour: generally dark shading to paler ventrally, indistinct spots dorsally and on sides.  Peritoneum dark. 
    Geographical Distribution

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    Port Barrow, Alaska to West Greenland; south along Canadian coast to the Miramichi, Gulf of St. Lawrence and Cape Breton Island; a disjunct population in the White Sea.
    Habitat and Biology
    Usually lives close to the coast, from 0 to 200 m depth, and is rarely found offshore, in deeper water.
    It tolerates low salinities, but there is no evidence that it enters fresh-waters.
      Fish aged 5 to 6 years attain lengths of about 50 cm;seldom lives beyond 9 yearsand rarely exceeds 60 cm total length.
    It matures at 3 to 4 years of age and spawns in shallow waters frorn February to May. The eggs sink to the bottom after spawning.  In Greenland waters, the maximum age is about 11 years.
    The food of the Greenland cod is very similar to that of the Atlantic cod, and includes capelin, small flounders, polar cod, shrimps, crabs, euphausiids, squids, polychaetes, and echinoderms.
    Reaches about 70 cm; somewhat smaller in the White Sea.
    Interest to Fisheries
    Presently only of small, local importance. The catch reported for 1987 in the FAO Yearbook of Fisheries Statistics is 4017 metric tons. It used to be rather abundant in coastal waters of Greenland, but the stock has been strongly reduced in recent years. There is probably competition between this species and the Atlantic cod.
    Local Names
    CANADA : Greenland cod ,  Ogac .
    GERMANY : Fjord-dorsch ,  Grönland-dorsch .
    According to Svetovidov (1948) ogac is similar to Gadus marisalbi and Walters (1955) believes they are the same species. Although ogac and Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) have different habitat preferences, they are sometimes found together and are able to maintain their separate identities.
    Source of Information
    FAO species catalogue. Vol.10. Gadiform Fishes of the world (Order Gadiformes). An Annotated and Illustrated Catalogue of Cods, Hakes, Grenadiers and other Gadiform Fishes Known to Date.Daniel M.Cohen Tadashi Inada Tomio Iwamoto Nadia Scialabba 1990.  FAO Fisheries Synopsis. No. 125, Vol.10. Rome, FAO. 1990. 442p.
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