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Anarhichas lupus:   (click for more)

Anarhichas lupus:   (click for more)

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  • Anarrhicas vomerinus  Agassiz in Storer, 1867: 265
  • Anarhichas lupus lupus  Barsukov, 1956: 130-132.
    FAO Names
    En - Atlantic wolffish, Fr - Loup atlantique, Sp - Perro del Norte.
    3Alpha Code: CAA     Taxonomic Code: 1710200101
    Diagnostic Features
    Jaw teeth strong, canine-like in front, rounded and frequently rather worn teeth behind; teeth on vomer large, reaching back beyond the line of palatine teeth on either side of them.  Rather rounded caudal fin with 22-26 finrays.  Colour body yellowish or bluish-grey, with 9-13 darker cross-bars extending onto base of dorsal fin. 
    Geographical Distribution

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    Spitsbergen southward to White Sea, Scandinavian coasts, Noth Sea, the British Isles, also Iceland and soth-eastern coast of Greenland. Elsewhere, western coast of Greenland, Labrador to Cape Cod, sporadically to Cape Hatteras. Records in the Baltic Sea (east to Rügen and Bornholm Islands), Bay of Biscay and northwestern Mediterranean (Gulf of Genoa).
    Habitat and Biology
    Benthic, on rocky bottoms, sometimes over sand or mud, at 1-500 m; in trawl catches: mainly at 100-150 m (less than 50 m in White Sea). Feeds on hard-shelled, crabs, lobsters, sea-urchins and other echinoderms.
    Reproduction: eggs deposited in spherical clumps at about 10-120 m in July-February (May-August in White Sea), larvae hatching January-July, pelagic until 5-6 cm. 
    To 125 cm; common 50-90 cm.
    Interest to Fisheries
    Caught on line gear, with bottom trawls; also with trammel nets. The total catch reported for this species to FAO for 1999 was 39 591 t. The countries with the largest catches were Russian Federation (23 794 t) and Iceland (13 804 t) .
    Marketed fresh and frozen; eaten steamed, fried, broiled, boiled, microwaved and baked.
    Local Names
    Danish : Havkat ,  Koteletfisk ,  Stribet havkat .
    Dutch : Zeewolf .
    English : Atlantic wolffish ,  Cat-fish ,  Wolffish ,  Wolf-fish .
    French : Loup de mer ,  Loup de l'Atlantique .
    Finnish : Merikissa .
    German : Gestreifter Katfisch ,  Gestreifter Seewolf ,  Katfisch ,  Seewolf .
    Greenlandic : Qeeraaraq .
    Icelandic : Steinbítur .
    Italian : Bavosa lupa ,  Lupa di mare .
    Norwegian : Gråsteinbit .
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