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Hippoglossus stenolepis:   (click for more)

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  • Pleuronectes hippoglossus  (part) Pallas, 1814: 421.
  • Hippoglossus vulgaris  (non Fleming) , Ayres, 1854: 41.
  • Hippoglossus vulgaris  (part) Jordan & Gilbert, 1882: 819.
  • Hippoglossus hippoglossus  (part) Jordan, 1887: 921.
  • Hippoglossus hippoglossus  Starks, 1918: 5.
  • Hippoglossus hippoglossus camtchaticus  Rendahl, 1931: 61.
    FAO Names
    En - Pacific halibut, Fr - Flétan du Pacifique, Sp - Fletán del Pacífico.
    3Alpha Code: HAP     Taxonomic Code: 1830200202
    Diagnostic Features
    Body ovate or rather elongate, compressed. Mouth large.  Teeth all pointed, none depressible.  Gillrakers short and stout with 7 to 10 on lower part of anterior arch.  Scales mostly elongate, the small supplementary scales present but not surrounding the primary scales.  Colour olivaceous brown, generally mottled with paler.  Lateral line with 145 to 190 scales with a distinct curve above pectoral fin. Dorsal finrays (89) 93 to 97 (109); origin above middle of eye. Anal finrays 64 to 81 (78). Pectoral of ocular side with 14 to 19 rays. Caudal fin strong and lunate. 
    Geographical Distribution

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    North Pacific, from the Bering Sea to the Okhotsk Sea, and from Alaska to California.Tôhoku District northward, the northern part of the Sea of Japan.
    Habitat and Biology
    Lives on various type of bottom.Young occur near shore, adults in deeper water.Often migratory.
    Female attains 250 cm or more; male 140 cm.
    Interest to Fisheries
    The total catch reported for this species to FAO for 1999 was 43 557 t. The countries with the largest catches were USA (36 515 t) and Canada (7 040 t). The most common fishing techniques are "demersal bottom trawling" and "groundfish longlining".
    Utilized fresh, dried/salted, smoked and frozen; eaten steamed, fried, broiled, boiled, microwaved and baked.
    Local Names
    Danish : Helleflynder .
    Dutch : Heilbot .
    English : Pacific halibut .
    Finnish : Tyynenmerenpallas .
    French : Flétan du Pacifique .
    German : Pazifischer heilbutt .
    Icelandic : Kyrrahafs lúoa .
    Italian : Halibut del Pacífico .
    Japanese : Ohyô .
    Norwegian : Kveite .
    Polish : Halibut pacyficzny .
    Portuguese : Alabote-do-Pacifico .
    Spanish : Fletán del Pacífico ,  Halibut del Pacífico .
    Swedish : Stillahavs-helgeflundra .
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