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FAO Names
En - Chilean nylon shrimp, Fr - Crevette nylon chilienne, Sp - Camarón nailon.
3Alpha Code: CHS     Taxonomic Code: 2280400501
Scientific Name with Original Description
Heterocarpus reedi  Bahamonde, 1955, Invest.Zool.Chil., 2:105.
Geographical Distribution

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Eastern Pacific: off Chile between 25°S and 39°S.
Habitat and Biology
Depth 155 to 424 m.Bottom clay, mud or sandy mud. Marine.
Maximum carapace length (without rostrum) 34-39 mm.
Interest to Fisheries
Considerable. This species is trawled, it formed 95% of the total shrimp catch of Chile (Hancock & Henriquez, 1968).
The species is used fresh, dried, boiled and peeled. It is exported also.According to Longhurst (1970:303) it also is fished in Peru. The catch taken annually in Chile amounted to 8 300 t (in 1973), 7 550 t (in 1974), 7 935 t (in 1975), and 6 197 t (in 1976). The total catch reported for this species to FAO for 1999 was 7 951 t. The countries with the largest catches were Chile (7 951 t).
Local Names
Chile : Camarón nailon ,  Camarón de profundidad ,  Gamba .
Source of Information
FAO CATALOGUE Vol.1 - Shrimps and Prawns of the World. An Annotated Catalogue of Species of Interest to Fisheries.L.B. Holthuis 1980.  FAO Fisheries Synopsis No.125, Volume 1.
Bahamonde & Henriquez, 1970:1607-1627 Figs. 1-7.
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