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Channa striata:   (click for more)

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  • Ophicephalus striatus  Bloch, 1793: 141 (Original description).
  • Ophiocephalus vagus  Peters, 1869: 260.
  • Ophiocephalus striatus var. qualamudensis  Gianferrari, 1930: 159.
    FAO Names
    En - Striped snakehead, Fr - Tête de serpent strié, Sp - Cabeza de serpiente cabrío.
    3Alpha Code: FSS     Taxonomic Code: 1771900103
    Diagnostic Features
    Body elongate. Head broad and flattened. Top and sides of head covered with scales. Mouth large;  only small teeth on palate.  Eyes in anterior part of head.  Lateral line with 42-57 scales.  Dorsal fin longer than anal fin and beginning aboven pectoral fin. Caudal rounded.  Oblique bars on body. 
    Geographical Distribution

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    Found in sluggish or standing water from Sri Lanka to Indonesia, the Philippines and China. One of the most common snakeheads in Cambodia.
    Habitat and Biology
    Very common in freshwater plains; survive dry season by burrowing in bottom mud of lakes, canals and swamps as long as skin and breating apparatus remain moist.Feeds on fishes and crustaceans.
    To 90 cm but usually smaller.
    Interest to Fisheries
    Caught with seines, gill-nets, traps, and baited hooks.
    Firm white flesh almost bone-free, heavy dark skin good for soup and usually sold separately. Processed into para-hoc, mam-ruot, and mam-ca-loc (varieties of fish paste) in Kampuchea. Perharps the main food fish in Thailand, Indochina and Malaysia. Marketed fresh or alive. The total catch reported for this species to FAO for 1999 was 32 938 t. The countries with the largest catches were Thailand (27 500 t) and Philippines (5 438t).
    Local Names
    Bikol : Haroan ,  Talosog ,  Terebog ,  Torabó .
    Burmese : Nga-yan ,  Nga-yau-auk .
    English: : Chevron snakehead ,  Snakehead ,  Striped snakehead ,  Striped snake head murrel .
    Khemer : Trey phtuok (juvenile) ,  Trey raws (adult) ,  Trey ros (ras) .
    Laotian : Pa jho .
    Malay/Indonesian : Aruan ,  Haruan ,  Ruan ,  Toman ,  Toman paya .
    Nepali : Saura .
    Tagalog : Dalag .
    Thai : Pla chon (chorn) .
    Vietnamese : Cá lót (lóc) ,  Cá träu .
    Visayan : Aluan ,  Aruan .
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