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Pagrus auriga:   (click for more)

Pagrus auriga:   (click for more)

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  • Semapagrus auriga  non Valenciennes, 1843: Chabanaud and Monod, 1927: 269.
  • Argyrops auriga  Akazaki, 1974: 178, fig.
  • Sparus auriga  Bauchot et al., 1981, (FAO sheets), fig.
    FAO Names
    En - Redbanded seabream, Fr - Pagre rayé, Sp - Pargo sémola.
    3Alpha Code: REA     Taxonomic Code: 1703919109
    Scientific Name with Original Description
    Pagrus auriga  Valenciennes, 1843, in Webb and Berthelot, Hist. nat. Canaries, 2: 34 (Canary Islands). Holotype: MNHN A 3830; paratype: MNHN A 682.
    Diagnostic Features
    Body oval, deep and compressed. Head profile nearly straight, except for a slight hump above eyes.  Mouth low, slightly oblique. Jaws strong, lips thick.  Anterior teeth canine-like, 4 in upper and 6 in lower jaw, followed by blunter teeth that become progressively molar-like and are arranged in 2 or 3 rows. Behind the row of large canine-like teeth there are some smaller teeth.  Gill rakers on first arch 10 or 11 lower and 6 to 8 upper.  Dorsal fin with 11 spines and 10 to 12 soft rays, the first two spines always very short, the third to fifth very long and filamentous, particularly in the young. Anal fin with 3 spines and 8 or 9 soft rays.  Cheeks scaly; scalation on preopercle scarcely visible. Scales along lateral line 50 to 52.  Colour pink with silvery reflections and 4 or 5 dark red, alternatingly broad and narrow cross bars. Adults of a more intense wine red with the cross bars less well visible than in the young. Head dark between nape and corner of mouth; hind edge of opercle very dark. Dorsal fin pink with some black on the membranes separating the filamentous spines and with orange on distal parts of soft rays. Anal fin similar in colour to the dorsal. Pectoral fins pinkish orange. Pelvic fins wine red edged with black. Caudal fin greyish at base, pink or orange edged with black distally. 
    Geographical Distribution

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    Easthern Atlantic ocean, from northward Portugal, Straits of Gibraltar to Angola, including Madeira and Canary Islands. Present in the southwestern Mediterranean but absent in Black Sea.
    Habitat and Biology
    Benthopelagic (demersal behaviour).Over hard bottom (rock, ruble down to 170 m depth). The young near the coast.Carnivorous (mostly bivalve molluscs, cephalopods, sometimes crustaceans).
    Reproduction end of winter, very few data. 
    Maximum 80 cm; common to 30 cm.
    Interest to Fisheries
    Taken sporadically throughout its range. Caught on line gear and with trammel nets and bottom trawls. Separate statistics are not reported for this species.
    Marketed fresh or frozen (flesh highly esteemed). Also used for fishmeal and oil.
    Local Names
    ANGOLA : Pargo-de-riscas ,  Pargo-rosa ,  Pargo-sémea ,  Pargo-sémola ,  Sémela ,  Terezo .
    FRANCE : Pagre rayé .
    GERMANY : Rotbanbrasse .
    ITALY : Pagro reale .
    LEBANON : Jarbydy Mzayyah' .
    MALTA : Pagru hamrani .
    PORTUGAL : Pargo-seima ,  Pargo-sêmola ,  Pargo-sémola ,  Pargo-tereso ,  Tereso ,  Traquete ,  Traguete .
    SPAIN : Hurta ,  Pagre reial ,  Pargo sémola ,  Zapata .
    UNITED KINGDOM : Redbanded seabream .
    UNITED STATES : Murudai .
    Misidentification with Pagrus caeruleostictus (Valenciennes, 1830).
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