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Psenopsis anomala:   (click for more)

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  • Trachinotus anomalus  Temminck & Schlegel, 1844: 107 (original description).
  • Psenopsis shojimai  Ochiai & Mori, 1965: 4.
    FAO Names
    En - Pacific rudderfish, Fr - Stromaté du Japon, Sp - Pámpano del Pacífico.
    3Alpha Code: BUP     Taxonomic Code: 1760802001
    Diagnostic Features
    Body ovoid, well compressed. Snout robust, mouth small, inferior; upper jaw extending to below anterior margin of eye.  Gillrakers 18-21.  Teeth incisor-like conical, absent from vomer, palatine, and tongue.  Lateral line with 55-63 scales, paralleling to dorsal contour. Scales small, cycloid and very deciduous; nape scaled and covered with thick mucous layer; Head perfectly naked.  Dorsal fin with 6 short spines and 27-33 soft rays. Anal fin with 3 spines and 24-28. Pectoral fin with 20-23 soft rays. Pelvic fin present, small, situated just below pectoral base. Caudal peduncle compressed, its height more than the length.  Colour uniform gray or brownish, silvery below. A large dark blotch above gill opening. Marginal area of anal fin dark. 
    Geographical Distribution

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    Western Pacific Ocean; Japan Matsushima Bay and the Oga Pen.), southward to the East China Sea.
    Habitat and Biology
    Epipelagic layer to 370 m.Adults inhabit bottom, but migrate upward at night.
    To about 18 cm.
    Interest to Fisheries
    Caught by trawl. The total catch reported for this species to FAO for 1999 was 10 871 t. The countries with the largest catches were Taiwan Province of China (5 075 t) and Japan (4 996 t).
    Local Names
    English : Butterfish ,  Wart perch .
    Finnish : Voikala .
    Italian : Fieto .
    Japanese : Ibodai .
    Portuguese : Pampo ,  Peixe-manteiga .
    Spanish : Pámpano japonés .
    Swedish : Smörfisk .
    Turkish : Tereyagi baligi .
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