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Penaeus schmitti:   (click for more)

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FAO Names
En - Southern white shrimp, Fr - Crevette ligubam du Sud, Sp - Langostino blanco sureño.
3Alpha Code: PNT     Taxonomic Code: 2280100108
Scientific Name with Original Description
Penaeus schmitti  Burkenroad, 1936. An.Acad.Bras.Cienc. 8:315.
Geographical Distribution

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Western Atlantic: Greater Antilles from Cuba to Virgin Islands; Atlantic coast of Central and South America from British Honduras to S. Brazil (28°24'S).
Habitat and Biology
Bottom soft mud or silt, sometimes with sand.Bathymetry from 2 to 47 m., most abundant between 15 and 30 m. Juveniles found in estuarine areas, the adults are marine.
Maximum total length 175 mm( Male) 235 mm (Female).
Interest to Fisheries
The species is of considerable commercial importance in Cuba, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, French Guiana, Surinam, and all along the coast of Brazil. It is caught in large quantities and a great percentage is exported. In Cuba aquaculture experiments with this species have started.
Local Names
U.S.A. : Blue shrimp .
Cuba : Camarón casquiazu .
Nicaragua : Chacalin (for the juveniles only).
Venezuela : Langostino blanco .
Brazil : Camarao legitimo ,  Camarao verdadeiro ,  Camarao branco ,  Camarao vila franca ,  Camarao caboclo .
Source of Information
FAO CATALOGUE Vol.1 - Shrimps and Prawns of the World. An Annotated Catalogue of Species of Interest to Fisheries.L.B. Holthuis 1980.  FAO Fisheries Synopsis No.125, Volume 1.
Pérez-Farfante, 1970
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