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Pandalus montagui:   (click for more)

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  • Astacus maculatus  (Montagu MS) Leach, 1814
  • Pandalus annulicornis  Leach, 1815
  • Astacus (Pandalus) annulicornis  Moore, 1839
  • Pandalus levigatus  Stimpson, 1853
  • Pandalus leptorhynchus  Kinahan, 1558
  • ?Boreocaris moebiusi  Ortmann, 1693
    FAO Names
    En - Aesop shrimp, Fr - Crevette ésope, Sp - Camarón esópico.
    3Alpha Code: AES     Taxonomic Code: 2280400205
    Scientific Name with Original Description
    Pandalus montagui  Leach, 1814. In Brewster, Edinburgh Encycl. 7:432.
    Geographical Distribution

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    Northern Atlantic: Arctic Ocean south to Nova Scotia, Canada, the British Isles and the southern North Sea near Belgium.
    Habitat and Biology
    Bottom sand, mud, gravel and rock,usually a hard substratum. Marine.
    Bathymetry: from 4 to 700, (most common between 20 and 100 m).
    Maximum total length 160 mm.
    Interest to Fisheries
    In the northeastern Atlantic region the species "is only fished commercially by Britain" (Longhurst, 1970:265). On the whole the importance is small. In the northwestern Atlantic the species with two species of Spirontocaris is "only exploited incidentally to the fishery for Pandalus borealis" (Longhurst, 1970:258). Couture (1971:42) reported that a fishery of secondary importance for this species existed in Denmark, the Faröe Islands, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium and England,and that it also has commercial possibilities on the east coast of Canada.
    Local Names
    Norway : Blomsterreke ,  Spraglete reke .
    Denmark : Rekekongen .
    Germany : Felsengarnele ,  Rote ,  Schwimmgarnele .
    Graet Britain : Pink prawn ,  Aesop shrimp ,  Aesop prawn ,  Prawn ,  Sprawn ,  Shank ,  Fleetwood prawn .
    Canada : Striped pink prawn ,  Striped pink shrimp .
    Source of Information
    FAO CATALOGUE Vol.1 - Shrimps and Prawns of the World. An Annotated Catalogue of Species of Interest to Fisheries.L.B. Holthuis 1980.  FAO Fisheries Synopsis No.125, Volume 1.
    Simpson, Howell & Warren, 1970
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