The FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department provides advice and objective information to Members to help promote responsible aquaculture and fisheries. To fulfil this role, the Department compiles, analyses and disseminates fishery and aquaculture data, structured within data collections.


– August 2019: Release of FAO Yearbook of fishery and aquaculture statistics 2017.

July 2019: Release of the updated FAO fishery commodities production and trade database with data from 1976 to 2017.

July 2019: Release of the updated Regional Capture Production datasets with data up to 2017.

March 2019: Release of the updated FAO Capture, Aquaculture and Global production databases with data from 1950 to 2017.

March 2019: Release of a new version of FishStatJ application (v. 3.05.0).

November 2017: Release of the workspace "Food balance sheets of fish and fishery products (1961-2013)" in FishStatJ, with complete updating up to 2013.


To ensure quality assurance, each collection is documented to highlight definitions and to specify the structure, sources, coverage, processes, intended use, etc. This is further complemented with the CWP Handbook of Fisheries Statistics, which includes comprehensive definitions of concepts and details of standard classifications.

Statistical collections

Global time series have been maintained over more than 60 years. To meet diverse user needs, data from each statistical collection are available through various formats, tools and information products.

How to access the data:

1) FishStatJ - Software for fishery statistical time series offers experts and scientists a stand-alone application for complex and sophisticated data exploration and extraction.

2)  Online Query Panels enable advanced users to extract customized information and reports.

3) FAO Yearbook of Fishery and Aquaculture Statistics provide a full range of tables with detailed statistics.

List of all data collections

All data collections, also fully-documented, are organized by records, Fact Sheets and maps, thus complementing the overall statistical collections... full list of data collections

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