Data Source  
The volume and value data in Global aquaculture production are primarily official statistics obtained by FAO's Statistics and Information Service (FIPS) directly from nations. Data reported by countries may have been supplemented by verifiable information from other sources, including:
  1. academic reviews;
  2. consultants reports; and
  3. other specialist literature
Контроль качества  
Ultimately, the quality of the data depends on the attention and resources of the national reporting offices. Because errors can occur in data reporting, data are checked when they are received by FAO for both consistency and for outlying values. Questionable data is verified with the reporting office.

Coverage completeness
The intention of the statistical compilation is to provide complete coverage of aquaculture production statistics throughout the world.

Методика сбора данных: Customized national questionnaire on aquaculture production (FISHSTAT AQ and FISHSTAT NS AQ) sent annually by FAO/FIPS.
Методика обработки данных: When value data (based on farm gate prices) have not been supplied by countries (i.e. China), standardized indicative figures have been used. When national offices fail to report their annual aquaculture statistics, FAO, in the absence of other verifiable information, repeats or estimates the data previously reported by the country. Such data are flagged by "F" (which stands for FAO estimate).

Consistency and Accuracy
To facilitate the reporting of consistent and accurate world aquaculture statistics, FAO/FIPS provides internationally agreed criteria for separating statistics of capture and aquaculture.
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