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WARNING: This old version is ONLY WORKABLE WITH Windows NT and XP. FishStat is no longer maintained or supported. We do recommend to use FishStatJ


The system provides users with access to Fishery Statistics of various sorts. Any data having time series structure can potentially be stored and processed by FishStat Plus. The system consists of a main module and the datasets. Each dataset can be installed and uninstalled separately.

How to download and install the FishStatPlus software
  1. Download FishStat Plus (Version 2.3 - Zip file 6.1 Mb).
  2. Uncompress files into any directory (preferably empty) using PKUNZIP or WINZIP.
    Note: do not uncompress to the Windows desktop. It is recommended that you uncompress to a directory easily located (i.e.C:\temp).
  3. Start (execute) SETUP.EXE from within the directory you uncompressed the files.
  4. Confirm installation directory C:\FISHSTAT, C:\Program Files\FISHSTAT or change to another directory you want.
  5. A new Start->Programs menu item named "FishStat" will be created.

How to download and install the FishStatPlus datasets
  1. Download among the dataset(s) listed below, those who are interested in into any directory. It is recommended, however, that you download to the '\DB'sub-directory of where FishStat Plus was installed (i.e. C:\FISHSTAT\DB or C:\Program Files\FISHSTAT\DB). This recommendation is made because that is the default location where FishStat Plus looks for datasets upon start up. There is no need to decompress the datasets - FishStat Plus processes the datasets in zipped format.
  2. Start FishStat Plus
  3. Invoke the File -> Install datasets command
  4. In the Install datasets dialog, change the current directory to where you have downloaded the dataset(s). This is done by:
    1. Selecting the drive from the Drive pop-down list
    2. Double-clicking the '..' (double dot notation) at the top of the Directory window to move the current directory up one level
    3. Double clicking a sub-directory name in the Directory window to move the current directory down one level
  5. When the text on top of the window shows directory path where dataset files are located, the dataset names will appear in the list on the right. Click on a dataset name, then on the Install button

Repeat steps 4-5 for all datasets that you have downloaded.

Global datasets:

Regional datasets:

Download printable manual
  • Download the manual in PDF format or view it on-line. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print the manual. You can download it from Adobe.

FishStat Plus key features
  • Windows-based interface with menus and toolbar. Context-dependent popup menus are available by clicking right mouse button.
  • Easy to install
  • Filtering capabilities for selecting only data you want
  • Aggregation and grouping by many group types.
  • Simply start typing to find an object (country, species, etc.)
  • Formula builder allows standard statistical functions as well as user-defined formulas
  • Fast and simple data transfer to other applications through clipboard
  • Advanced printing and exporting capabilities, including cross-tables and charts, using Report Wizard.
  • Portability (any version of Windows)
  • Context Help system.


Inquiries concerning FISHSTAT Plus system, data and request for FISHSTAT Plus CD-ROM, should be addressed to:

Statistics and Information Branch (FIPS)
FAO, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
Fax: +39 06 57052476
send an email

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