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World Aquaculture Performance Indicators (WAPI) is an endeavor initiated by the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department to develop user-friendly tools for compiling, generating and providing easy access to quantitative information on aquaculture sector performance at the national, regional and global levels. Information and knowledge products developed under WAPI include data analysis tools and associated technical papers and policy briefs.

Data analysis tools

  • WAPI Aquaculture Production Module (WAPI-AQPRN v.2018.1; released in May 2018)
  • WAPI Fish Consumption Module (WAPI-FISHCSP v.2018.1; released in May 2018)
  • Advanced WAPI Aquaculture Production Module (draft; available for test use upon request)
  • WAPI Prototype (draft; available for test use upon request)

Technical papers

Policy briefs

Background documents


We welcome your feedback and collaboration to help improve WAPI products. Comments, suggestions and inquiries can be sent to

Email: WAPI

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