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Consumers demands are growing, despite the fact that needs differ among countries
Consumers demands are growing, despite the fact that needs differ among countries

Successful companies in the seafood sector set marketing strategies geared to the needs of consumers taking into account any competition. However, the market is not uniform and a large number of segments exist, depending on income, taste, specific needs, cultural and religious background, etc. In addition, consumer needs are dynamic and everchanging.

Growing consumer demands

In large import markets such as the European Union, Japan and the USA, consumers are demanding more sophisticated products, such as chilled value-added or convenience products. At the same time, improved logistics permit the delivery of fresher products from all over the world.

In developed countries, there also exist large segments of price-conscious consumers who demand standard low price fish products. In many developing countries, the most sought after and high value fish products are exported and only a small percentage is consumed domestically. Local consumption is met by low priced domestic production or by imports, often of frozen small pelagics.

Recent trends

In recent years, the growth in modern retail channels such as super and hypermarkets, consumer advertising, increased travel and globalization has converged international consumer tastes. However, consumer needs continue to be quite diverse and producers, exporters and sellers of fish and fishery products must bear this in mind when aiming to sell the products in a specific market.

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