Departmental projects are aimed at providing technical assistance at global, interregional, regional, subregional and country levels and cover policy, regulations, development, management and laws among other disciplines related to fisheries and aquaculture.

Ongoing projects receive specialized technical inputs from the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department staff, including officers outposted at Regional and Subregional offices.

Funding and support of project funding comes from various sources, mainly:

  • Government Cooperative Programme (GCP)
  • FAO Technical Cooperation Programme
  • UN system
  • FAO Telefood
  • Unilateral Trust Funds

Major projects/programmes:

  • FishCode: Composed of projects covering 12 topical areas and funded by multiple donors aimed at supporting the implementation of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries.
  • Cooperative programme financed by Japan: projects assisting in capacity building for an ecosystem approach, ecosystem-based management, management of tuna capacity of small islands developing states, promotion of sustainable fisheries, CITES and commercially-exploited species, review of factors contributing to overexploitation and unsustainability, promotion of sustainable fisheries and other relevant issues.
  • Cooperative Programme financed by Norway: Including a project for strengthening the knowledge base for implementing an ecosystem approach to marine fisheries in developing counties (mainly of Africa); the International Cooperation with the NANSEN Programme: Fisheries Management and Marine Environment and emergency projects (tsunami).
  • Programme financed by Italy, Spain, EC and other Mediterranean countries for assessment and monitoring the fisheries resources and the ecosystem in the Mediterranean and other related issues which include various regional projects (AdriaMED, MedSudMed, COPEMED, EastMed, MedFISIS and support to the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean – GFCM).
  • Emergencies Programme: projects implemented by the FAO Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation and technically backstopped by the Department. The programme has been supported by Norway, USA, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Laos, EC and various NGOs.
  • GLOBEFISH: coordinates activities of Fish INFOnetwork and produces a number of publications, including fish price reports, market studies and trade analysis. The core of GLOBEFISH is the GLOBEFISH Databank; the programme is financed by FAO and GLOBEFISH Partners.
  • Reduction of environmental impact from tropical shrimp trawling: project with the participation and contributions of 13 countries and institutions around the world which receives the support of GEF/UNEP.
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