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September 2018 – August 2020

The Blue Hope TCP seeks to enhance the capacity of the countries of Turkey, Algeria and Tunisia, and their fisheries-dependent communities to inclusively develop multi-sectoral, sustainable “blue growth” investment plans. To this end, the project output is one multi-sectoral investment plan per country leveraging FAO’s Rural Investment Plan development framework and the Blue Growth Initiative approach for fostering sustainable, multi-sectoral socio-economic growth.

Publications and Resources

Theme / thème

Publications and Resources

General/ général


Blue economy and blue growth / Économie bleue et croissance bleue

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Fisheries Science and Management / Science et gestion des pêches

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Tourism / Tourisme

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  • Docs from Mouna?

  • Docs from Mouna?

Value chain development / développement de la chaîne de valeur
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    Investment / Investissement

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