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As part of its information management and communication strategy, the Department aims to provide relevant information products and services, including:

  • Policy-oriented information: highlighting emerging aquaculture and fishery issues and referencing major fisheries problems. Regularly compiling and distributing outcomes of various international fishery for use by national policy-planners, decision-makers, researchers and sector managers.
  • Fisheries data:  developing and improving data and information compilation methods and tools; coordinating and streamlining statistical reporting activities at national, regional and international levels; improving timeliness, accuracy and reliability of data and information.
  • Equitable access to available information: ensuring the use of appropriate communication methods and technology to reach clients.

The Department recognizes that through its primary target audience - the Member governments responsible for the management and utilization of aquatic resources - it can address the broad concerns and problems affecting fishers, fishfarmers and other stakeholders through Member governments and relevant organizations.

The Department has focussed efforts to strengthen its capacity in the following fields:

  • Information systems
  • Information management
  • Library services
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