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As the primary agency in charge of fisheries under the UN system. FAO plays a pivotal role in coordinating and collaborating with various inter-governmental organizations relating to capture fisheries and aquaculture, as well as marine resources and the environment at large. FIE provides liaison services with those organizations and facilitates such coordination and collaboration.

Regional Fishery Bodies (RFBs)

The role of RFBs has been increasing as has their expected contribution to sustainable and responsible fisheries management on a global basis. While the role and priorities of RFBs vary according to their mandates and other factors, FAO notes that RFBs are critical for the promotion of long-term sustainable fisheries where international cooperation is required in conservation and management. Significantly, all post-UNCED instruments assign RFBs a key role in the facilitation of international cooperation.

Fisheries issues confronting RFBs are becoming more complex and the conclusion of new international instruments, to which RFBs must respond, may strain the capacity of these organizations and their members to effectively implement them. Critical issues such as the accommodation of new entrants, decision making, the application of the precautionary approach, the ecosystem approach to fisheries and IUU fishing, are some of the current issues that are already affecting RFBs in an unprecedented manner. Further, international demands are increasing that RFBs should be more accountable for their actions and inaction and should be quantitatively assessed to gauge their performance. Such calls will put additional strains on RFBs and their ability to respond to their primary mandate.

FIE promotes collaboration and consultation among all RFBs or arrangements on matters of common concern. In this respect, FIE facilitates meetings of Secretariats of RFBs, implementation by RFBs of sustainable policies and practices and the effective implementation of post-UNCED instruments. FIE reports to, and liaise with, other United Nation bodies as well as other international and regional organizations regarding the collection and dissemination of information. FIE maintains the RFB Web site.

Global Intergovernmental Organizations

FIE promotes the global fisheries agenda in liaison and cooperation with the following Global IGOs, and in accordance with international agreements and initiatives

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