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The FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department promotes global fishery coordination, international agreement and action, intercountry collaboration on global and regional issues and knowledge exchange, including through the organization of conferences or other expert and technical consultations or meetings in cooperation with the relevant units of the Department at headquarters and in decentralized offices, as well as through the development of regional or global networks and information systems. For utilization, trade and marketing of fishery products, it coordinates with the World Trade Organization (WTO) on fisheries issues and participates in global food safety initiatives.

The Department maintains relations of collaboration, cooperation and coordination and ensures formal liaison (including representing the Organization at technical and interagency meetings and others) with FAO Members, UN and specialized agencies, other global, regional and national organizations and bodies, both governmental and non-governmental, including regional fishery bodies and regional economic groupings, particularly in the areas under the responsibilities of the Division.

The Department also acts as the Secretariat of the Committee on Fisheries (COFI), a governing body of FAO, which provides a global and neutral forum to discuss any fisheries and aquaculture-related matters and which also has two COFI Sub-Committees on Fish Trade and Aquaculture. Through these Committees, FAO coordinates the implementation of the programme of work on fisheries and aquaculture; liaises with other units and coordinates departmental inputs to FAO's statutory bodies (Conference, Council, FAO regional conferences and FAO regional fishery bodies) and monitors the follow-up action by the Department on decisions and recommendations of these bodies.

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