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Technical Assistance is the operational arm of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department for translating the excellence of the technical expertise in fisheries and aquaculture into practical application in support and provision of advice to our members. The technical assistance responds to the needs of members and combines our expertise and experience to produce results in the conservation and sustainable use of natural marine and inland fishery resources and sustainable aquaculture. The technical assistance provided by FI is mainly implemented through the field activities carried out in cooperation with decentralized offices and national offices and ensures that through this collaboration, FI projects and programmes respond effectively to issues that impact on the lives of fishers.

One of the priorities of FAO is to provide technical assistance to its Members by applying its unique experience and technical expertise to deal with conservation, management, policy, economics, industry and products of fishery resources and aquaculture. For many development countries FAO has a record of direct and recurrent assistance in identifying and supporting fisheries policy and management. It is also unique amongst intergovernmental organizations. 

The technical assistance is mainly provided for fishery and aquaculture management and development problems, policy formulation advice on national policies and on fisheries information and statistical programmes among other related issues.

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