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Nutrition and feeding is central to the sustained development of aquaculture. Work programmes and activities are undertaken for broader understanding of this subject area so that FAO may be able to provide its member countries (e.g., government, private sectors, NGOs) with necessary information, management action plan, policy guidelines and recommendations in order to enable them and other stakeholders to efficiently execute their existing and planned aquaculture activities.

The current and planned activities and work programmes include:

  • review of status and trends in aquaculture  with particular reference to aquatic species that feed on aquafeed,
  • review and analysis of issues, trend and challenges of feed and fertilizers resources with due recognition of variability between regions and farming systems and practices
  • development of aquaculture nutrition and feed resources information system to include aquaculture feed resources database and nutrition profile of common aquaculture species, and
  • studies and analysis on the use of marine resources as feed input for aquaculture in relation to its long term availability and sustainability. The activities are carried out through commissioning of reviews, case studies and action researches and through development of methodologies,  technical papers, fisheries circulars,  reports, technical guidelines, training materials and web-based information materials.
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