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Training material is being developed, drawing on the FAO Guidelines for EAF, to facilitate communication of the EAF principles and implementation steps to different audiences, including scientists, managers and fishers. Experts in ecosystem approaches to fisheries, and experienced trainer and educationist are being involved in this process.

The first output of this activity has been the preparation of a simplified explanation of the FAO Guidelines on Ecosystem Approaches to Fisheries entitled "Putting into practice the ecosystem approach to fisheries". The English version of this publication was available by the end of 2005, and has been widely distributed and well-received. Translations into French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic were completed and distribution is underway.

In addition, a first draft of a very simple guide to EAF, aimed at readers with a middle-school language ability has been completed and it is intended to contribute to further awareness building on EAF, aimed at fishers and the general public. It is currently being reviewed for publication in 2008.

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