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Case studies are being implemented aimed at increasing capacity of staff in the fisheries departments of selected developing countries for setting objectives for EAF, taking account of inter-specific interactions within the ecosystem. By means of desk studies and training workshops, the case studies have been assisting participants to synthesize and evaluate information on inter-specific interactions, including with marine mammals, and their implications for management of their ecosystem, and to use that information to assist in identifying and reconciling operational objectives to satisfy the range of stakeholders.

After consultation with the FAO Regional Offices and others familiar with EAF issues around the world, three case studies have been identified and activities initiated in 2005.

Western Central Pacific
Ecosystem approach to tuna and shark fisheries management in Papua New Guinea.

Southwest Atlantic
Ecosystem approach to artisanal and coastal gillnet fisheries in southern Brazil.

Southwest Indian Ocean
Implementation of an ecosystem approach to fisheries in the Southwest Indian Ocean region.

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