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INFOFISH is a bimonthly international magazine that provides marketing information to the fishery industry of the Asia-Pacific region.

The Global Record is a current topic of international interest and therefore INFOFISH has provided information to the Asia-Pacific fishery industry on the latest advancements of this initiative to fight IUU fishing in its Sep/Oct 2012 issue.

This is the article published by INFOFISH.

Faro de Vigo is a regional newspaper from Galicia, Spain, including a section on fisheries issues which are of great importance to the region. This is the article related to Global Record published in October 2012.

INFOPESCA (A Service Center for information and advice on the marketing of fishery products in Latin America) is an intergovernmental organization with a vocation for servicing goverments , industry associations and companies in all aspects of fisheries and aquaculture development.

INFOPESCA publishes a monthly magazine that provides marketing information to the fishery industry. This is the article published in the magazine number 53, March 2013 related to the Global Record.

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