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Strategy Document

A strategy document (COFI/2014/SBD.2) was prepared for the 31st Session of Committee on Fisheries (COFI) to clarify several aspects of the design, development and implementation of the Global Record. Building on the instructions by previous sessions of COFI, this document provides information, reflecting the current situation, and proposes the way forward for this crucial tool to fight Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing. This document should be considered in support of COFI documents COFI/2014/4.2/Rev.1 and COFI/2014/Inf.12/Rev.1 and was intended to serve as a basis to inform COFI members and seek their views and guidance on the way forward.

Prototype system

FAO has also developed, with very limited funding, a prototype of the Global Record system containing sample data from a few selected data providers. The prototype was demonstrated during a side event at COFI 31 in order to showcase the possibilities of development of this tool as well as the benefits and potential uses.

Meeting of the Global Record Informal Open-Ended Technical and Advisory Working Group

COFI at its 31st Session reiterated its support for the continued development of the Global Record by FAO and some Members recognized the need for an advisory committee to clarify outstanding issues and to find a solution for the long-term financing. The COFI Bureau welcomed the proposal by the Secretariat that a Global Record Informal Open-Ended Technical and Advisory Working Group be established to take up the role of this advisory committee. The first meeting of the Working Group is scheduled to be held at FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy, from 23 to 27 February 2015.

For more information about this meeting, please go to the webpage of the meeting.

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