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FAO of the UN
  • Integrated knowledge base
    • Tens of factsheet domains, statistics and geographic data sharing a common information system and making leverage on each other in order to provide a rich and integrated information system
    • Common referential system
    • Common information model and database system
  • Single point-of-access
    • Same tool for managing & disseminating all the FI related info
    • Browsing, searching, archiving, analysing, statistics (web-trends)
    • Same navigation behavior and URL scheme
  • Openness
    • The information stored in FIGIS is not locked
    • it integrates and can be integrated into other info sources
    • it can be programmatically processed by other systems
  • Standard based
    • XML data
    • Corporate development standards
  • Low third-party dependency
    • No vendor locking
    • Code ownership guarantees low risks
  • Relies on corporate services (documents, news, GIS, ...)
    • Relies on and integrates FAO corporate services for documents, news & events, GIS
  • Implements editorial guidelines, information strategy and data ownership
    • Common layout, look & feel, source & citation
    • Agreed navigation policy
    • Controlled site structure and information coherence
    • Delegation of authority implemented through data collections based authorisation and authoring policy
    • Defined data publication workflow and SW release management
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