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FIGIS in particular provides the engine powering the various information components requested by the Strategy for Improving Information for Status and Trends of Capture Fisheries (Strategy-STF):

  • the Fishery Resources Monitoring System (FIRMS), a global aquatic resource monitoring system comprising core information domains on stocks, resources, fisheries and fisheries management systems;
  • the Fishcode-STF Web site as repository of the inventories of fisheries, resources and description of national statistical systems; and,
  • the Fishery statistical working system which facilitates the collation of global fishery statistics.

FIGIS also powers:

  • the new FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department Web site;
  • the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) Web site; and,
  • the EAF-Nansen Project Web site.

FIGIS has established or plans to establish interoperability bridges with other systems like:

  • ASFA, the Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstract, a bibliographical database;
  • SIPAM on aquaculture in the Mediterranean;
  • Globefish (containing information on international fish trade); and,
  • OBIS, the Ocean Biogeographic Information System.

The Fact Sheet

The Fact Sheet, a fundamental FIGIS product, is a synthesis of information enhanced by graphics.

Reached through the FIGIS Web site gateway pages, Fact Sheets are tailored to represent the various characteristics within each broad fishery subject such as species, technology, marine resources and issues.

The best and most authorative sources on any given topic are used to produce Fact Sheets. The technology allows the user to access the most up-to-date information available. The Fact Sheets also include a rich resource in statistics, maps and graphics.

Some data about FIGIS infrastructure are herewith provided:

Websites powered by FIGIS under different brands5FI, FIRMS, GFCM, Fishcode-STF, REBIC, EAF-Nansen
Sub-websites integrated within FI website14About FI, CCRF, Fishcode, IPOA shark, IPOA Seabirds, IPOA IUU, IPOA Fishing Capacity, FishFinder, FIPS Statistics, FIGIS, ASFA, FI Library, MPAs, PSM, CITES-Fisheries, EAF-LAPE, EAF-Capacity Building
Overall number of Information bases35 
  • ... of which Number of Statistical time series
  • 15
  • Production, Aquaculture, Capture, Tuna Atlas, Tuna Landings, CECAF, GFCM, SouthEastAtlantic, RECOFI regional capture, Trade, Fleets 70-95, Fleets–Decked 96-98, Fleets–Undecked 96-98, Disposition, Fishers
Interoperability: number of systems:  
  • with full interoperability (seamlessly integrated)
  • 5
  • EIMS, NEMS, FAOLEX, KIDS (GIS), Geonetwork
  • with ability for dynamic queries
  • 4
  • Fipmis, Fishbase, SIPAM, ASFA
Modules integrated and fully interoperable2620 fact sheet modules, publications, news and events, Faolex, mapping, RTMS, statistics
Mapping applications64 Published: species distribution maps, Tuna Atlas statistics, Geoselector, Stocks and fisheries maps 2 intranet: RFBs, ASFA geoselector
Systems with on-line editing4Statistics, Fact sheets, GIS, RTMS

Powered by FIGIS