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FIGIS, has developed an information management tool with the view to promote more effective and focussed cooperation between information sources, within FAO as well as between FAO, regional fisheries management organisations and national centres of excellence. FIGIS thus interconnects groups of institutional partnerships to build up a network of subsystems:

  • The Fishery Resources Monitoring System (FIRMS), a global aquatic resource monitoring system, comprises core information modules on species, resources, fisheries and fisheries management systems.
    The launching of the FIRMS Partnership Arrangement occurred in February 2004, with FAO and 5 partner Regional Fishery Bodies and Arrangements accepting to share within FIGIS their information on the state of Fishery resources according to agreed quality assurance rules.
    At the end of 2009, the Partnership was composed of 13 International Organizations representing 16 RFBs. The FIRMS Resources and Fisheries modules powered by FIGIS enable Partners to report state of stocks and status of fisheries management according to agreed information standards and transmission protocols;

  • Other partnerships aiming at enabling systems interoperability are at various stages of implementation, in particular through the D4Science project. These include:

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