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  • New Books in the Library: recent additions to the collection

  • Periodicals & Books: All may be searched using the Library Catalogue. Relevant electronic publications available on open access are indexed in the catalogue. The Periodicals are also listed alphabetically via the Library Journals with links to the full text where available. Starting from February 2012, the library E-journals can be accessed through E-Journal Portal.

  • FAO Fisheries Publications: The entire collection of FAO publications is indexed in the Library Catalogue. A direct search for full text documents is also possible in the FAO Corporate Document Repository. The series, such as FAO Fisheries Technical Papers, Reports and Circulars, FAO Fisheries Meeting Papers and Project Reports are available in the Fisheries Library. The Search Publications page provides easy access to the various series and subsidiary bodies. The recent meeting papers are available full text via the Meetings Archive or via the Regional Fishery Bodies search page.

  • Multimedia: In addition to print and digital documents, the Library collection includes Videos, DVDs and CD-ROMs.

  • Databases: A large number of bibliographic and full text databases are accessible via FAO Library Databases. Databases of particular relevance for fisheries and aquaculture include Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA). Access to these and other commercial databases is restricted to FAO staff.


In addition to circulation, document delivery and acquisitions, the David Lubin Library provides current awareness services for FAO staff. Specialized subject searches and bibliographic research in fisheries and aquaculture are carried out.  Contact the Fisheries and Aquaculture Library if you need advice or search tips or if you are having problems finding the information you need.
For a detailed list of services see below.

  • Subject searches – bibliographic and full text databases and other electronic resources.

  • Extended literature and database searches – FAO staff have direct access to a wealth of databases and other resources.

  • Table of Contents Alerts – FAO staff can sign up to receive e-mail delivery of the Contents Tables of specific journals. If we have access to the full text, the Contents will lead you directly to the required journal issue. If available in print only, the call number showing the library location is provided.

  • Subject alerts from major databases – you can request that your customized subject profile be automatically run against updates of relevant databases. You will receive quarterly updates of new references via email, or more frequently if you wish.

  • Library Loans – FAO staff and Permanent Representatives to FAO in Rome may borrow items from the Library.

  • Interlibrary Loans – Documents and journal articles not available in FAO Library may be obtained from an external library using the interlibrary loans system. There may be a charge involved but you will be advised beforehand.

  • Acquisitions – FAO staff are encouraged to suggest publications that should be purchased for the Library collection. We also receive many publications on exchange or as gifts from the network of FAO and library contacts in institutions around the world.

  • New books and journals – A list of new books and journals added to the Library collection is regularly updated.

  • Reproduction of FAO material – Copies in TIFF/PDF format of FAO documents and out-of-print publications may be requested from the Library.

  • Library Instruction and Training – Orientation on how to use the library and its resources is given upon request.

  • External Users – Our external users include fisheries research and development workers, in particular those searching for FAO fisheries and aquaculture information. A priority is to assist and strengthen the resources of fisheries libraries in developing countries through library and information networks.

If you have questions about any of these services:
Contacts - Fisheries and Aquaculture Library  


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