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The IAMSLIC Z39.50 Distributed Library searches across the catalogues of aquatic sciences libraries and facilitates international resource sharing among members.To provide more effective access to fisheries and related periodicals, there are several initiatives at national, regional and international level to create Union Lists of Periodicals.
The IAMSLIC Union List of Marine and Aquatic Serials  is a searchable database that enables interlibrary loan programs among marine and aquatic science libraries around the world. More than 40 libraries in 23 countries now contribute their holdings to this database, which includes more than 9,000 serials records.

These systems reduce duplication of effort and enable cost savings through interlibrary cooperation.

Serials monitored for the ASFA database, although not a union list of holding libraries, provides a comprehensive source of information on aquatic sciences serials (journals, monographic series, report series etc.) which the ASFA Partners have agreed to monitor.



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